Welcome To Project Bible

In this website you will find the Hebrew Bible in different languages.

The Hebrew Bible includes the Torah, Prophets and Writings.

The Bible is the world’s best-selling book and most widely distributed book in the world.

26 thoughts on “Welcome To Project Bible”

  1. I want to learn more about God’s amazing works,His undying love and graces to us.. i want to know more what bible is…

  2. So I’ve been praying for more understanding of the Bible and God answered that prayer today when your videos just fell into my lap When I Was preparing to start reading my Bible. I went with you today from Genesis to Matthew needless to say nothing got done around the house LOL but I would like to do your study guides but cannot find them could you please direct me

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  4. I have foud your sight interesting and educational and Christ centered. Could you help me to get an Hebrew Bible with the English translation below the Hebrew Text. I dont mind paying for it just let me know.

    God bless Maranatha.

  5. Thanks a lot. I thought I’m the only one who has different perspective on the Bible and I was wrong I watched most of your videos and I’m very grateful to GOD for directing me on your works… I pray that GOD continually inspire you to continue you to help us understand the Bible. 😊

  6. I’ve been reading the read scripture since January of 2020. Francis Chen mentioned it on his sermon. It’s been wonderful and awesome the way you break down the books of the bible. Since the covid19 started, I happened to be reading the book of Leviticus, especially Leviticus 11:11. This book talk about certain flying animals we shouldn’t be eating. This covid19 is related, bc in Wuhan china someone ate BATs. I don’t know if this is our punishment from our LORD, the virus spreading around the whole. I definitely know that we need to ask for forgiveness and we all need to ask for God’s mercy on us.

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